How to Have Stronger Bones?

Building healthy bones is extremely important for the overall life of bones. Bones are made up of collagen and calcium; collagen is the protein that provides a soft framework and calcium in a mineral that provides strength and flexibility to bones. Some of the best orthopedic doctors in Delhi India suggest how bones strength can be maintained in different phases of life. These suggestions must be bought into a habit by individuals.

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Let’s have a look at them: –

  • During Childhood: – Kids must be encouraged to eat food rich in calcium and Vitamin D. Dairy products, beans, nuts and green leafy vegetables are rich in calcium content. Vitamin D supplements can also be given to kids after consulting a doctor. Kids must be encouraged to take exercise from an early age. Exercising gives the much-needed flexibility to bones. Kids who avoid green vegetables must be fed green vegetables in one or the other way.
  • During teenage: – A bone healthy teenage life pays off in the future by preventing bone-related issues like osteoporosis which are becoming very common among adults. Teenagers must be encouraged to maintain a healthy weight and avoid tobacco during their teenage lifeBest orthopedic hospital in South Delhi suggests that being both overweight and underweight can increases the chances of osteoporosis during adulthood.
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  • During adulthood: – Most people will reach their peak bone mass age between the age of 25-30. Bone mass starts to decline after 40 years of age. However the maximum bone strength is gained during teenage life, adults can also protect their bones by minimising the loss. Adults must have a diet full of Calcium and Vitamin D.  Females must take extra care of their bones as they are more likely to suffer from Osteoporosis than males. Women after menopause must take extra care of their bone density as women can lose 20% of their bone density in 5 years of menopause.

During all ages, your diet must be rich in Vitamin D, Calcium and Protein. Special attention must be given to regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight. Bone health is often ignored as signs of deteriorating bones are visible later in life. However, if proper care is taken during the high bone mass period of life you will be able you build up your bone mass bank for future.  


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